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Monday, December 13, 2010

The meaning of lights . . .

First, and foremost, NO SCHOOL.
-- horrendous wind chills and ice --

{happy kids, unhappy husband}

I previously referenced an insight bestowed upon us by our daughter when she was pre-school age. While driving down one of the back streets in town during the Christmas season, she pointed out a couple of houses and announced "they must be Jewish". Huh??? What??? "They have no lights, so they must be Jewish." She had concluded that EVERYONE who did not put up lights were Jewish; a tidbit of information for which we have yet to figure the source. (I'm guessing she took some portion of either Sesame Street or Barney quite literally.) At any rate, to a 4 year old girl no lights equaled choice of religious faith.

For the record, we still haven't put up our outside lights yet.


  1. We had a cul-de-sac in our old neighborhood that decorated extensively for Christmas---mega light displays,all the homes had coordinating large cutout figures, piped carols playing...the whole nine yards. One year the house at the front of the c-d-s was dark--no lights, no figures, nothing. Turns out the house was sold to someone who fulfilled your daughter's observation. So funny! He was the Grinch of the entire neighborhood. Had neighbors offering to put up lights and the display FOR him if he didn't want to...
    Glad you like my Santas. I have a pretty serious collection, too.
    Gorgeous bokeh on the lights. Love that!

  2. PS---I don't have any lights up, either. I prefer to think of it as a truly Zen Christmas decoration. Less IS more! Or, some would say that less is just less.

  3. Love the bokeh here! I've been wanting to shoot some colored lights since I learned how to take that sort of photo but all of our family here have white lights. Last year we lived about 3 hrs away and all the family there used colored lights on then, just my luck.