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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday and counting . . .

On the eve of New Year's Eve, we enjoy the last of the holiday decorations and time off from school and work. On the eve of New Year's Eve we squeeze in the last day of relaxation before the necessities of cleaning up, finishing homework, finishing college essays (yes, you read that right - FINISHING!) and going back to normal weekly routines of early to bed, early to rise.


  1. Oh my gosh I can't even think about the end of school! Congrats on the end of college essays though. I just remember I have to get my boy writing his bar mitzvah thank you notes.

  2. Ah yes---New Year's always means back to the old/new grind...same-o, same-o, just a new date to it.

  3. Nice summary of the nature of New Year's. In my household, these days we add transportation issues/blizzards and our traditional viewing of episodes of "Cops." Really nice photo, Nicki, of your Christmas cards. I like the perspective. Good background, white balance/color/contrast.

  4. And of course, the yearly resolutions!! Happy new year!!