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Saturday, January 29, 2011

This too shall pass . . .

We are thawing out, the roads are clear, and life goes on.
This has been so much the theme of recent months and as my son remarked that he wishes it was Spring already, I was compelled to reel him back in. I'm not ready for Spring even if it means an end to the endless snow. Even if it suggest the closure of a school year that has been challenging and heaped with drudgery. I've hit that stage in life where I can distinguish between looking forward to something versus wishing it here immediately. I'm glad he is still at the stage where he can't wait. Or as the Girl would say when she was very young, "I won't wait till ...".


  1. I'm with your son! I'm sorry! I understand your point about patience and anticipation, but this is one instance when I suppose I'm not very grown up about things. I detest winter. It's not just the snow, ice, cold. It's the darkness at 4:30 P.M., it's all the extra clothes you have to wear, it's the boots, it's the having to bundle up for taking out the trash, or picking up the mail, it's the not seeing the neighbors or the kids playing in the cul-de-sac . . . Oh, winter, how do I loathe you, let me count the ways . . .

  2. I had this conversation yesterday with a friend. I do not want to wish my life away - yet I find myself wishing the next 6 years (yes, I said years) away to get to retirement. It's not that I actually want to be retired right now (I sort of do), but that I want to have the pension guaranteed. I'm trying to enjoy every day for whatever it brings.

  3. I am not so much ready for spring. Just some brighter days. Here in the UK it has been cloudy more often than not. And now it is cold but no snow and still cloudy.

  4. I don't look forward to spring because it is still pretty cold here. If it EVER warms up, it is quite late, not until mid May.
    I am quite a paitient person anyway so I don't mind waiting for things to come.

  5. Oh I think I'm going to have to adopt "I won't wait until..." immediately! It's so much more my style than "I CAN'T wait!". ;-) :-) :-)

  6. I'm with your son - can't wait for Spring and some green and some flowers!

  7. I like diptychs - and yours is well composed.

    I'm with your son on this one. While I never want to wish time away, I can't stand the never-ending feeling sometimes that comes with winter.

    I'm spoiled though. The past few days have been mid 50s and 60s! But the forecasted high for tuesday is 10 degrees. !AH!