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Sunday, February 20, 2011

camera phone diary . . .

I don't know about anyone else, but I often struggle between the desire to use the camera on my cell phone, and the resistance to use it for fear of looking like a stalker or "creeper" - or worse yet, a "flasher" (think rain coat!) . Often when I see something that I think would make an interesting picture I hesitate; and if I do succumb to the temptation, I snap the picture with little regard to composition or clarity - just to do it quickly and hopefully, inconspicuously. I suspect I don't pull off the inconspicuous part.

Making my way to the register at the store the other day, I turned down the wine aisle. It was a visual field day. So many colors, so many unique labels, so many fun picture possibilities. So, I looked both directions and snapped a couple of pictures. Not the best composition - but between Rabid Red and 3 blind moose - I was happy.


  1. I have some wine store photos from Friday. :-) I'll post them to my hipstamatic blog so you can see that I share your love of the label!

    Oh no! I just went to post them & it seems I've deleted a bunch of them. The few I kept are here:

  2. LOVE your first shot. And LOL about your comments, I also have to talk myself into taking cell phone photos!

  3. Oh, I love these! It seems to me that vintners are getting increasingly creative in their labeling. It's a treat going down the wine aisle, which we do frequently because we do love a little vino now and then . . .

  4. Oh, and BTW - I saw a female cardinal when I woke up yesterday morning, resting on the tree right outside our bedroom window? Isn't that a wonderful sight to wake up to?

  5. I am the same - I take quick shots sometimes because I don't want to be noticed!! Love all the colorful wine labels!

  6. I actually feel less awkward using my camera phone. If asked, I just claim I am using it as a memory tool rather than write it down. ;)

  7. Sometimes I feel all self conscious about it and sometimes not. One time they told me they were going to kick me out of a grocery store if I took any more pictures. What, there's like, national security issues involved in laundry detergent?!?

    Very nice on the wine - yes, they say not to judge a book by its cover, but I'm a firm believer in judging alcohol by how interesting the label is!!!!