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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early Spring . . .

Phil has called for it and aside from the gusty winds, the temperatures outside feel like it. Well, at least when compared to last week it feels like it.

Not a whole lot has been happening around here other than laundry, school work, snow days, laundry, working on cleaning up the photos, and probably some more laundry (which is in the washer & dryer as I type). Even with the riveting exuberance of this schedule we managed to pull ourselves away to celebrate the Girl's induction into The Mountain State Alpha Chapter of The National English Honor Society last evening. And though a very proud moment, by the end of the evening I had come to several conclusions.

First, it might be better if I left the husband and the Boy home on these occasions because there is just enough Animal House references embedded in every Honor Society event to bring the husband to the brink of yelling "Food Fight!"; and just enough pomp and circumstance to push the Boy to his boundaries of being able to resist the urge to LOL!. Add to this, I never fail to be frustrated at the near impossible conditions to get any good pictures. So maybe our family should wait in the hall until its over. (kidding!)

What I did observe last evening was a group of highly intelligent, albeit socially awkward, boys and girls who, truth be told, would rather quietly accept their accolades and keep to the business of academics. Don't get me wrong, as a group they are as competitive as any sports team, and their lust to achieve the honor is as powerful as love between Romeo & Juliette. It's just they would rather it be a little less in the spot light. (and maybe that has something to do with the moms with cameras - but probably not!)

At any rate - I'm very very proud of the Girl. She has worked hard for many years to achieve the pomp and circumstances and deserves every drop of it.

And the door is in response to the color of the month challenge. Red!


  1. Love that shot! Very creative for the theme! I really should start to join in on these colour challenges!
    Congratulations to your daughter! Well done to her!
    I can relate to the socially awkward thing.. anytime I have to be infront of people... ack! Scary!

  2. Nice door shot, Nicki. Love the shells in the basket. Congrats to The Girl--so nice to see all her hard work and effort recognized and rewarded.

  3. Congratulations to her!!!!!!!!!! I'm with her (them?) on the whole quiet acceptance thing. I can completely see why they'd rather it be that way, and yet it's such a joy to be able to see and participate!

    Very nice on the red! I wish it didn't have to be a new picture, 'cause I have a red picture that I love of all the street signs that came down in hurricane Ike.

    That would be so perfect if we could just have another hurricane and I could happen to be driving around the part of town where the street signs are red and I could just happen to stop the worker guys if I could take another picture...

    On Phil - I think he might be delusional. It is SO COLD here!!!!!! It's 35 degrees right this moment at the warmest time of day in the land where houses aren't weatherproofed and even if they were, they are built to make sure the inside stays nice and cool. Brrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations to your daughter! There is a remarkable similarity to all those "pomp and circumstance" occasions, and, frankly, there are happier ways to celebrate. But this isn't about celebration, this is about endurance. Kids that can endure these ceremonies gracefully can advance to the next level and eventually inducted into the world of adulthood. And then they can fun, like we do on most days . . .

  5. Love the door shot. All your colors are so vibrant and clear.
    Congrats to your daughter. And I believe that she is probably like the rest of us, we may get a little embarrassed to be publicly recognized, but we still love it!

  6. Super congrats to the girl! That's really awesome. (but I would have had to join in on the debauchery, I love animal house!)

  7. Congrats to your beautiful daughter! That is great!! and beautiful shot!