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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today . . .

is my sister's birthday.
She is and always will be older than me
and still she manages to remain YOUNG.
Not * Fair!!!

check out those expressions!

Actually this is from a picture of all four of us kids taken before getting into the car,
and before our younger brother would inevitability jump into the driver's seat,
kicked the car into neutral and drift it down the driveway into the road and/or ditch line.
We knew what was coming,
my sister and I knew exactly what he was planing to do
because he had done it before
(and would do it again),
and it showed on our faces.

how did Mom never figure this out before hand?


  1. There you go, sharing all of the family secrets. This picture always cracked me up. The look on our faces is like, "ewwww, Mom's going to take yet another picture of us!"

  2. Gret photo and fun family story! Happy birthday to your sister.

  3. LOL - happy birtday to your sister! Great shot! And too funny!

  4. Funny!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday to your sister for yesterday!