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Friday, February 18, 2011

Yeah - its Friday . . .

In response to the question about the origin or purpose for the statue in yesterday's post -

behold: The Clay Center.

A multi-million dollar use of tax payer money that hosts concerts, houses the WV Symphony Orchestra, arts and science presentations, one of those big screen movie rooms (that makes me very very nauseous), a planetarium
and so on and so forth.

All requiring a membership or admission fee.
[But in this day and age, what doesn't.]

Some of the art, fortunately, has spilled outdoors . . .

and you can photograph it for free -
if you don't count the taxes you pay
every day
of every year
for the rest of your life.

All snidness aside, it is a beautiful facility with some wonderful art, science, and entertaining experiences -
many things you might not expect to find in a tiny little old state like ours.


  1. Well, at least they let you photograph it for free. Don't mention that to anyone in charge, though, or they may start making you pay. :) Love the creativity of those statues. So animated!

  2. I love your DOF on those statue posts!!!

  3. That looks like it would be a great place to visit, fees or no. And you did an fantastic job capturing the statues. SME's right... the DOF is incredible!

  4. Wow, it looks neat! Very funny on the art spilling outdoors!

  5. I especially like the last two. it looks like a fun spot.

    February 18, 2011 9:30 PM

  6. Gorgeous photos! It is a nice facility and I do enjoy going to concerts there.

  7. What a great piece and its sounds like a really fun place to visit too :)

  8. Thanks for sharing! I agree with the above comments, it does look like a nice place to visit!
    I think I like the statues, especially the one playing the flute!