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Sunday, March 27, 2011

all elusive . . .

Mr./Mrs. Bluebird. Any sign of movement and they are outta here. This morning I am getting schooled on Pigeons, Doves, and birds in general, all because when I mention the well fed Dove sitting in the middle of the bird feed dish, (or perhaps standing with rather short legs and wide girth), my husband remarked "pigeon!". When the bluebird showed up again this morning, the Boy remarked "pigeon?". oy vey!

[eta: this picture was taken from across the room, between blinds, through glass and screen door - all I was lacking was camouflage gear.]


  1. Ha! I don't bother looking at the birds around here because my dog either tries to kill them or just chases them off. ;)

  2. What a beauty! Well worth the wait of discovery!

  3. Don't get that kind of bird around my house - only boring little brown birds :(

  4. Cool shot of him. Love the texture.

  5. I can't tell apart any bird. I hardly know any types... except Robin... lol.