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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Luke, {don't} go over to the dark side . . .

don't do it buddy! You won't be happy with the results - under exposure, shadows, poor skin tones - just don't do it!

On my excursion to photograph barns, my son went along to work on his photography. [insert: available model] By the time we got to our location it was full-on, harsh sun. Great for getting a tan, not so great for getting the right light for portraits.

Crossing the tracks is allowed in this location, but out of an abundance of caution I didn't want him standing on them for any length of time. The result was rushed metering giving me an under exposed silhouette. Revived by the power of photoshop and since I liked the use of Pioneer Woman's 70's action on the (first) camera shot, I went ahead and applied it here for continuity between the two pictures.

The other problem with harsh lighting is squinting - solution was to move further under the porch requiring a higher ISO and playing with metering. I still managed to get some light in the eyes, and successfully metered to avoid under exposure.

Conclusion: I need to take my time to meter properly (always), and if mid-day find lit shade if doing portraits. Next step is proper posing to avoid flat lighting. It's always going to involve lighting one way or the other - so I need to figure it out.


  1. Thanks for all the info!! Love the railroad track shot! PW's action is perfect for this shot!

  2. I think I am the only one who likes shooting in full, harsh sun! I have no idea why... I just feel I am way better at it than at sunset/sunrise. Probably because I am horrendous at getting a good WB and so get scared at the orange glow!
    I think you did great though. I too am a victim of flat lighting, an easy trap to fall in.
    I agree with Celine too, love the PW action on that image!

  3. Yeah, the action does make it really neat! And I like that last one a lot!

    Leilani, I'm thinking if you shoot in full sun then it must be the thing to do because your photos are gorgeous!! :-)