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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday outing . . .

A month or so ago I lamented about the desire to get out and photograph some red barns I had admired in the course of transporting kids to and from different locations. Yesterday seemed as good a day as any to do just that, so I loaded up the car and took off with high hopes. The reality of my surroundings hit hard and fast. The barn across the river is not just across the river, but only accessible by travel on private property. Awkward! The other barn would involve parking on a dangerous road and taking pictures standing next to said dangerous road. Not going to happen. Finally I settled on visiting a micro-nursery that we have passed on our several trips to Ohio. The owner was very nice and had no problems with us walking around the barn to take pictures - provided they did not go into the newspaper. I'm not sure what the deal was with the newspaper, and I didn't ask because I was simply happy to have the opportunity to photograph a red barn without fearing for my safety or the possibility of going to jail. In the search, I concluded that our immediate surroundings, particularly at this time of year, is not very photogenic. It isn't exactly ugly, but there is little of interest. Maybe another day with a different perspective. In the mean time, I give you the micro-nursery.


  1. Wonderful shots. A gorgeous barn.

  2. Beautiful photos! I often have many of the same qualms about certain photographic landmarks I pass in my daily travels. Busy roads and private property pose some serious obstacles to capturing the perfect photo. I'm glad this kind man allowed you to wander around his property and take some gorgeous shots like these!

  3. Love these shots! I am in love with red barns. Too bad they don't exist in Florida. ;)

  4. I love barns - and even more when they are red!! Great shots!

  5. I just love the colour... so rich! It is a shame we don't have anything like that in the UK