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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the high life . . .

Rolling off the frustration of getting the kids out the door to school, I am reminded to stop and enjoy these fleeting moments. The Girl has hit her boiling point with school, extra activities, and the looming college decision, and it has translated into episodic melt downs. Having endured this year without any classmate to commensurate the stress and agony of the common app, traveling from campus to campus, essays, essays, essays, and juggling a choice that could effect the rest of her life - well, at least the next 4 years, has finally taken its toll. Not to add to her instinctively over-dramatic nature, but more than 3/4 of the college bound students at her school will go to the local university or the "other" university in the northern part of the state. As a result,the mentality of the faculty and counselors is geared towards that relatively simpler process and the general lack of direction or consideration has been cumbersome.

In any event, this evening she will give her final Senior Presentation to culminate her time in the Honors Program. A speech with a slide-show. Something that she has done more times than I can count, and yet she has metamorphosed into a blubbering ball of nerves. I am confident that when the moment arrives she will do her best and it will make us proud. But somewhere in the circus life of a high school senior, a parents' voiced pride falls on deaf ears and all the kid hears is 'not good enough'. But I am shouting "I AM PROUD OF YOU" and "YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD" at this kid, the Girl.

When asked to stand with the other parents at the University of Chicago in acknowledgement as to why this elite group of students had been admitted to their school, I swelled with pride. One of these days when The Girl gets a moment to leaf through her old momma's blog - she might see it in writing and hopefully then she can appreciate that as long as she gives it her best effort, she can never fail us.


  1. Awe! Hugs! Sounds like you have done everything right to me and have a fantastic daughter :-) Sounds like she is going to do great with everything she does in life! Tell her best of luck with her speech! :-)

  2. Love how those photos have an aged look to them - something I can't quite put my finger on.

  3. This time a year is very stressful and busy for seniors. Its a happy but sad time right. What a lovely campus and great shots of it all. What time and what day were you at the "bean" to get that photo without another soul in sight? Good Luck

  4. You are one amazing mom! I hope your daughter reads your blog and sees how much you love her!! P.S. Great shots!

  5. What wonderful interior shots! Although so much of it was exciting, and the first year of college involves a considerable amount of grieving and angst for the parents, I do not envy the stage you are in, nor would I ever want to re-experience it! It's just too grueling! When does she have to decide? And I know so well that attitude about "just go to school in state" versus the gift you give your children by encouraging them to consider option that are not so restricted. Good luck with all of this! Blog about all of it, and get those boxes ready for care packages! (Also, get a really good industrial tape roller for the packing tape. I'll send you a link to a site, if you want one.)

  6. I'm so glad I still have a little while until all that, although I know it will be upon us in the blink of an eye. It's great to be able to share your journey some before having to go through it.