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Friday, April 1, 2011

parting comments . . .

I find myself saying things out loud that would be best kept to myself, and often struggle seeing the 'up side' of certain situations. Character features that did not present themselves well after 4 hours on butt numbing bleachers, watching testing that went from defined purpose to over indulgent. Thinking the "ceremony" was coming to an end, I departed the testing location to await my son's release. After waiting what seemed like a reasonable time and still no Boy, I concluded he was merely hanging back, waiting for an adult to make the first move for the door. So in true form, I popped my head around the corner and urged him to "get a move on it". Of course, the grand poobah had not finished - and thus, they were not merely standing around, but obliged to wait until the "official release". Oops! I'm sure one of the toadies will report back my impatience and sadly the Boy will pay the price of my parting words. For what its worth, once in the car I did instruct him to do as I say and not as I do; learn patience through my impatience; and always do the right thing because in the end, it will not be time wasted. Hopefully he achieves these traits before me because I'm still working on those life lessons.

and for the picture - Winter's parting comments was sleety rain and freezing temperatures. Last week the kids were wearing shorts - today we're back to winter coats.

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  1. least you got a pretty picture out of winter's parting comment! The blues and greens are so pretty together!