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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Count down . . .

This hangs inside my pantry.

It was drawn by our resident artist in response to a cooking blunder many years ago. As I recall I was making Tomato soup and some of it boiled over. As to what happened next my memory is a bit foggy, but I'm confident there was some spicy language, and apparently it went in the trash (if there is any truth to her picture).

For the record - I've never owned an apron that says "kiss the cook", and I've never had a skirt that short; and even if I had, I couldn't fit in it after giving birth to the artist. And then there's the hair, the blackened face, hands and legs. Help!

For the record - the artist only has 2 more days of public school. Graduation announcements are ready to be mailed, hair appointment has been made, cap is to be decorated, gown steamed, and the final touches are being applied to the many and sundry aspects of graduating a kid.

Personally, I am in denial that it is this close.



  1. Oh dear! I just got the news a couple of weeks ago that you have to do all that. I think when I graduated, we just more or less showed up. Good luck getting it all done and congratulations in advance! And cute picture!

  2. This is hysterical! To my knowledge, my kids never tried to draw me. Thank. God. Look at it this way, your daughter sees you as a cool chick who could pull of a mini-skirt. Don't analyze it any further than that! You have college bills to pay, you can't afford a shrink right now! :-)

    Your post reminded me of my oldest's H.S. graduation. It did seem surreal. It still does. I still feel caught up in that period of disbelief that begins at high school graduation. No advise yet. Hang in there!

  3. Haha that is an awesome drawing! Good luck with all the graduation madness. I am already counting down to my oldest's graduation.... only eleven years to go! Which by my calculations, that is sometime next year lol.

  4. oh that's cute, love it!! Good luck with all the graduation festivities! :)