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Saturday, May 28, 2011

This child of mine .. .. ..

Dearest Daughter:

On the first day you went to school
I did not cry.
I knew that not only would you be okay,
but it was where you had wanted to be for years.

You had long since conquered reading, writing, and arithmetic.
and could play well with others.
At every passing, you had claimed the elementary school as "YOURS",
and informed everyone that you "wouldn't" wait until you made best friends.

and like a duck to water, you took to it with ease.

But on your last day of Kindergarten,
I cried.
Watching you with your new found independence it struck me that
my baby was growing up.

On your last 1st day of school,
I did not cry.
For over the years you had stayed true to yourself.
You had never compromised your
work ethic,
loyalty or morals.

But on your last day of school,
I cried.
At some point in all of the hustle & bustle of errands, tasks, and arrangements
it hit me that
my baby has grown up.

And when you walk across that stage to accept your diploma,
I will bawl.

But please do not mistake my tears as sadness.
For while I will miss having you home every day,
these tears will be of pride, joy, and celebration,
as I am, and always will be,
confident in your ability to rise to your challenges;
and I am, and always will be,
your biggest supporter, friend, and loving mother.

My Sincerest Love,


  1. Congratulations to you & your daughter. Great walk down memory lane!

  2. Congratulations to you both. I have tears in my eyes just reading this.

  3. So sweet. Made me cry. I have been very emotional lately with Parker graduating soon, too!