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Sunday, June 12, 2011


I signed up to watch a webnar regarding photography this weekend and just like the last time I signed up to watch a photo related webnar, I was only able to observe bits and pieces (more bits than pieces if I'm being honest). My take was that there was too much chit-chat, not enough hands-on demonstration. But then, I was only watching bits. The little I did get to watch dealt with photography layering which I have attempted with the following collage of 3-4 pictures.


  1. Think it was well worth it - love your layering here!

  2. I've been interested in those webinar things, but I can't even sit still for those 2 minute long u-tube things people post all over the place. People ask me if I've seen them and I'm all, "I saw that people were talking about it on facebook/2peas/wherever, but I didn't watch it. What happened?"

    It looks like you got plenty out of it for the few moments you watched though - VERY pretty!

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