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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

picture this . . .

In case you haven't noticed, I've been playing around with digital frames lately. Nothing new and exciting there, so I figured I'd add a little something extra.

this way I get to combine my excitement of our upcoming vacation with the task at hand.


  1. Dang! Now I have "that song" stuck in my head.... Love the castle shot! I am so excited for your vacay---have a great time!

  2. Yay for vacation have fun. I recognized the first shot right away. That was my favorite as a child.

  3. Ok Pat... now I do too;) Great photos! Have fun on your vacation!

  4. Glad I don't know that song!! ;) Great shots - and enjoy your vacation!

  5. Love the digital frames you used. Very fun and fitting. And I don't mind having the song stuck in my head. It's a happy song! What a fun vacation you have coming up! Can't wait to see your shots!

  6. Very pretty & neat frames! But what is the task at hand? Packing?