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Monday, June 6, 2011

unsung heros of Summer . . .

I love visiting the Capitol Market in Charleston. In Spring (which I guess we still qualify for despite the 90ish degree weather) the market is filled with flowers and greenery. But if you slip inside there are a few unsung heros of Summer, the vegetables and fruit.

I wanted to get down and find some creative shots - but the crowd swarmed around them like sharks to fresh kill. I was sure to count fingers upon escape.

And of course, there are always nuts!

and I'm not referring to the two women packing cameras (though I'm sure the label equally applies).


  1. I am totally with you on the fruits and veggies aspect of the Farmers' Market. There is just something so mezmerizing about all that tangle of bounty, and the colors and shapes. Love these! That green pineapple is awesome.

    I had to laugh at your wine post....we have a wine section in our local supermarket and the names on some of the selections make me wonder why anyone would drink them!

  2. Very pretty & glad you came out with all your fingers!!! You did, didn't you? :-)

  3. We love summer for this very reason - so much good produce! We try to hit the local farmers market each week - can't wait for the CORN!

  4. Those are awesome! That's one of my favorite places to visit as well. I really love that pineapple shot!

  5. Love going to the market - love all the colors!

  6. i absolutely love the first and last photos!!