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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love a Parade . . .

morning, noon, and night!

[Animal Kingdom: mid-day]

[Magic Kingdom - mid-day parade---Princess Palooza {my name, not theirs}]

[Magic Kingdom: early evening - what I like to call "Partay Parade"]

[Magic Kingdom: Electrical Parade]

There are parades that we make a special effort to watch (Electrical Parade) and others that we only watch because it's there (and we can't cross the street to get to our ride until it has passed). And then there are the parades that we avoid at all costs because the kids wouldn't be caught dead watching them (ahem, Hollywood Studios: High School Musical). But personally, I do enjoy watching a parade.


  1. Our littles couldn't stay up late enough for the Electrical parade, which was sad. I love the shot of Pete's Dragon with the castle in the background. Very appropriate! Nice job with the lighting conditions, Nicki.

  2. Great shots, especially the electrical parade. I went to Disney about four years ago, but didn't see nearly the things that you did. I guess chasing a 2 y/o around kept me busier that I thought.

  3. Ha ha, your High School Musical comment made me laugh. I love the Electrical Parade, but it still feels odd to see it in WDW now!

  4. Love the night parade - so bright and colourful!! And I had to laugh at your High School Musical comment! LOL!

  5. I love parades, too, especially the light parade! :)