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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

vinyl thingies . . .

They were just about everywhere at Disney and if I'm being honest, I don't get it. What are they, and why are some in "mystery" boxes? If they do not lose (collector) value if taken out of the box, why make it a mystery, just put them all in clear boxes? My daughter tried to explain the whole phenomena of Vinylmation it to me, but I must have blanked out when she covered the "and this is why it is so cool/neat/addicting" portion of the conversation.

so while at Downtown Disney I asked a sweet young cast member / clerk. She pretty much explained the same thing - only with a delightful eastern European accent.

and yea, this is pretty much what I thought:

so of course we bought one with a graduate hat for our daughter; after all, it wouldn't be the first time we got her something that made no sense what-so-ever to us, but made her smile all over. And that makes prefect sense to me. (as well as taking pictures of store inventory - which I am getting way too comfortable doing)


  1. When we were at Dinseyland about 15 months ago they were all over the place too. I really liked one of them in particular, but rather than taking a chance of getting it, I waited till we got home and got it on eBay. I like those odds a lot better! LOVE the last one you posted :)

  2. Great photos! Yes those are everywhere. They are cute-- I'm just not much of a collector of things. Except maybe photos :) Love the last photo!

  3. They are kinda cute... but don't get why people would buy without knowing what they are getting!

  4. My DD went nuts over these when we were there. She started by just getting one for the girls, and the next thing we knew, she was trading all over the parks, looking for one specific figure. I don't get it either!

  5. ROTFLOL! How did I miss this post!!!! This is hysterical! It reminds me of the many fads the boys went through . . . After a while, I stopped asking why. The things we do for kids!