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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last vestiges of Summer . . .

The heat will remain for at least another month, but this year's Summer foliage is taking an early leave, with the exception of the hostas, and I suspect that within a week or so, even they will succumb to either the bugs or the deer. I will confess that after having a sample of cooler weather I am eager to get to Fall; but like too many recent years, we will likely jump from hot to snow with little Autumn to show for it. If only Mother Nature would have been a more contemporary mother, one who goes to extremes to make sure it is tid-for-tad among her kids, no one getting more than the other. She could have delegate the seasons more evenly so that we have 3 months of Winter, 3 months of Spring, 3 months of Summer and 3 of Fall. If only! But then we moms know how impossible it is to do everything tid-for-tad.


  1. Your maros are so beautiful! I am all too ready for summer to be over, I will take a brief Autumn if thats all I can get :)

  2. I may have to post a picture tomorrow of my post-deer hosta. Some have escaped; the rest have been eaten to the ground. Interestingly enough, all the ones I DIDN'T spray with Deer Off are the ones that were eaten. We are finally getting some summer (over 80 degrees) so I am hoping for even a week more of it.

  3. Gorgeous shot. Love the deep green behind it. I wish the seasons were more evenly divided, as well.....winter, especially, always seems too long!!

  4. I wish too that we had 3 months of each season - I love Fall but it doesn't last long before snow hits!