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Sunday, August 28, 2011

rainy days . . .

It is hard to believe that a week ago today we took an impromptu tour around the Wellesley College campus. A gorgeous, cool, and sunny day. As I type, they are getting pounded by Hurricane Irene's rains - but hopefully by tomorrow, it will be sunny days again. Crazy that in less than a week the mid-to-upper East Coast has been hit with an earthquake and hurricane. So considering snow storms are a norm for the New England region, I am confident it is next in the trilogy of Mother Nature.


  1. There sure has been some crazy weather lately :( I like how you framed the fellow with the walk through building.

  2. The weather is crazy, crazy, crazy! I hope Irene has left for good! Looks like a beautiful campus!

  3. Definitely some crazy weather! Love that shot. How are you adjusting to having your daughter off to college? We dropped Parker off last week and Nate, my oldest, arrived home from his internship in Chicago last Wednesday and then headed to BYU last is an exciting time for them...and adjustment for me!!