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Thursday, August 4, 2011

so what do you do on your birthday . . .

my list includes getting up very early (as in extremely very early), and catching up on some summer reading (insert: 'assigned reading'). Each year the kids have been given books to read over the summer I have made it a point to read them as well, and have, for the most part, enjoyed them. (Brave New World was the exception - weird, plain weird - couldn't finish that one)

My son lucked out with only two books this summer: The Boy in The Striped Pajamas and The Kite Runner. When he insisted that I read them before they have to be returned, I knew they must be pretty good. I've just started The Kite Runner and am enjoying it very much (even though The Help was the next book on my "must read" list). I suspect that I enjoy reading their assigned books more than they do because I don't have to stop every so many pages and answer questions or write a paper. I don't have to contemplate the deeper meaning behind a given topic and fear that I've interpreted it wrong. I look forward to the day both kids can return to reading for the pleasure, and am grateful that they get as much enjoyment even with the accompanying writing assignments.


  1. Happy birthday! I loved the Kite Runner, and I made my girl read it too. I think it's important to expose them to stories like that. I read the Help too, and it was great as well. If you haven't already read The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, I would highly recommend that one as well. :)

  2. hApPy BiRtHdAy! I'm glad you had a little time to enjoy the simple things on your special day!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I have not read either of these books but have the The Help and loved it!!

  4. Happy birthday!! How fun to spend your birthday reading! Haven't read the Kite Runner but heard good things about it!

  5. How great to instill a love for reading in your kids! Hope you had a great day :)

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad that you love reading! And now I'm going to have to check out Boy in the Striped Pajamas and add it to my reading list! If you're on Goodreads, add me as a friend! I'm Angela2932.

  7. Happy birthday, Nicki! I'd say this was the perfect way to celebrate your birthday! That and blogging, of course. I've never read the Kite Runner because I have a friend that would burst into tears every time she tried to explain to me what the book was about. It made her so sad. I'd love to read your review when you are done! And by the way, that is a seriously cute bookmark!

  8. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah...studying a book can really suck out some of the pleasure if done to excess. I picked up the Kite Runner at the bookstore once...but I didn't buy it.

    I did the same for the boy in the striped pajamas. I looked at it last time I was in the bookstore, but...I have read nonfiction Holocaust stories and listened to Holocaust survivors speak. I've been to the Holocaust museum in Israel. I know people love the book and everything, but I just can't see subjecting myself to all that when it's a FICTION book. So...more or less the same reason Maria hasn't read the Kite Runner. :-)