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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

webs . . .

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”.
Sir Walter Scott

Taking out the garbage I noticed a web or two this morning.
I've never actually watched a spider weave its web, though they appear to be specific in design,
and the way the dew drops fall on some of them puts me to mind of a strand of pearls.

some very active spiders, some very doomed flies.
much deception.


  1. Sigh..... Nicki, these are wonderful. The second one has fabulous detail--you're right, exactly like a string of pearls. I am hoping for some dewy mornings in the weeks to come so I can go web-hunting! Love these!!!

  2. Wow!! Simply fabulous! That second one does look just like a string a pearls. What amazing captures! These are just beautiful!

  3. Well, I am sure jealous!!! I love (the look of)spider webs, and have been wanting to shoot some for quite a while, but all the ones I find are ugly and full of little gnats, etc. You have nice 'purty' ones!! And lots of them!!! Good job!!

  4. wow the drops on that web is awesome! I never thought a spiders web could look so cool!

  5. Can't help but wonder where are all the spiders??!!! ;) Great shots Nicki!