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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

curiouser and curiouser . . .

what is on the screen?


up there!


looking in at us . . .



"very interesting!"

"help me!"

"oh yea!"

I love this cat!
and no grasshoppers were injured in the filming of this post.
(but I don't recommend he visit the screen any time soon because I can't promise his safety next time.)


  1. Such a cute group of pictures. I love the help me shot.

  2. So cute! We have a lizard that visits the front door windows and taunts the cats every night. :-)

  3. Too funny!!! Love all your shots and comments!! And your cat is too cute!

  4. Oh, perfect captioning here, Nicki. Love the clarity of the shots of your kitty and those gorgeous eyes...and the grasshopper looking through the screen is too funny!

  5. This is just too funny! I'd be torn between wanting NOT to move so as not to miss a bit of this action, and wanting to go grab the camera! Oh, my gosh, this is funny!

  6. What a great series of photos! Your cat is so pretty :)