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Sunday, November 27, 2011

more, please . . .

I don't remember any Thanksgiving break being so busy or so short. Sending the Girl off this morning to go back to school, I felt like Oliver wanting just a little "more, please".
Not food - just time.

One year - many (many) years ago - I didn't bother to take any extra holiday time off for Christmas figuring I'd save my precious vacation hours for the summer - when all sensible minded people take time off from work. I made the trip home to my parents, helped some with cooking (which wasn't much because Mom had everything under control), helped with dishes, visited briefly with family - then headed back to my home. Mom didn't contain how she felt about the whole thing and didn't mince words - plain and simple, she wasn't happy; not happy at all. I believe her exact words were "I'm surprised you even bothered!" I had no idea that my being home meant so much to her. I had no clue.

well now I do.


  1. Amazing how a few years can change our perspective and help us see the other side of the relationship. I am so glad that she was able to be home for the Tday celebrations; it won't be long until Christmas!

  2. These precious hours go by way too fast! Dianna headed out a few hours ago, and even mundane little tasks with her were cherished. I don't think this is something that gets easier, but I have noticed that I'm tired when she leaves! So maybe the aging process is that our energy levels decline and make us accept the smaller "doses" of our loved ones. Not exactly an uplifting thought, but maybe things work out ok this way? (Then again, you seem to be bursting with energy, so you're ready for your young-uns to "bring it on!" full throttle for many years to come!)

  3. Time with your family is so important!! Your daughter is so beautiful!!

  4. I think this is one of my favorite photos of your daughter. She truly is such a beautiful young woman! I never get tired of having the kids around - even when they are driving me nuts! It's true what Angela says, though. Nowadays, I feel exhausted by the time goes back to college.