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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tricked out . . .

ornaments are on, right down to the Girl's panda.
I don't want to say all is well in terms of the kitty terrorist,
but each morning I get up and the tree is still standing is a good day.


  1. Love love your light shot! And congrats on having the tree up in plenty of time to enjoy it during the holidays. I am still debating about putting up a tree since I will be gone for Christmas. Nothing worse than coming home tired and having to face putting Christmas away. Isn't it fun, though, to see the ornaments that embody so many family memories?

  2. Soo pretty! I have a stack of totes in my living room and I can not wait to open them up and decorate! is that a pink Power Ranger I see?

  3. Pat - I can appreciate your debate --perhaps a small Charlie Brown tree would afford you some holiday memories all the while keeping the clean-up to a minimum --- thought has occurred to me in past years, and my kids are still (relatively speaking) home.

    Beth - why yes, that is a pink Power Ranger. My daughter was Power Ranger crazy when really young - and she lit up this past summer when she came across the life-sized one at Hollywood Studios at Disney.

  4. I love the Panda ornament! Gotta watch out for those kitty terrorists (LOL)! We have a puppy terrorist in our abode, about to be visited by another puppy terrorist over Christmas, so we're thinking about delaying putting up our Christmas tree until Dec 23rd. . . . but seeing your photos is making me long for our tree!

  5. Nicki, I LOVE your colorful bokeh shot!!