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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

it looks like Christmas . . .

and yet it doesn't.

So far, no snow. Not even a hint of it; and to be quite honest, while we've had plenty of rain, the weather has been a little on the warm side for my liking at this time of year. I did notice that the weather channel updated the forecast to include a possibility of snow on Sunday, but I'm not convinced that wasn't just to calm the masses of kiddies who are worried that Santa will have difficulty landing his sled in mud.
(and to appease the Boy who is eager to wear his new boots)
On the bright side - it will make traveling considerably easier.


  1. We haven't had any snow either. I can wait until December 23rd - after I've done all my shopping. Then I'll be home baking and listening to Christmas carols. Let the snow come!

    Nicki, did you place that vase on top of a quilt? I would have loved to have seen the quilt! I love quilts.

  2. Maria - it is a table runner. Looking at the weather channel (and I don't know why I've been fixated on that channel lately) - but it would seem you've got some snow coming your way - but it subsides before reaching us in WV.

  3. No chance of a White Christmas down here...matter of fact it's warm enough you don't even need a jacket this week!


  4. No White Christmas here either - we got freezing rain instead - yuck!