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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

precious moments | one word project . . .

a time when we marked the passage of our children's years with a keepsake on their cake.

precious moments indeed!


  1. Oh! I bought so many of these for my daughter as she was growing up! Now they're just all packed in boxes. LOL! This was a great memory and a great analogy about passing time. Thanks for sharing

    Your photography is beautiful. I love pursuing!

    Pink mochas from 2p's

  2. You are doing well with your one word challenge! What a great way to also honor time! Sadly, one ornament we collected for our daughter early on was Barbie Doll ornaments. Of course she loved them. (when she was 3!) Now, we are risking high scorn if we dare put any on the tree! (She'll appreciate them--at least, a little--later!

  3. Oh, my mom used to have a whole bunch of those little guys! So fun and expressive.