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Sunday, January 22, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

somewhere between getting last minute things done and packing up The Girl to return to college
I did manage to squeeze in a few pictures for this week's scavenger hunt.

1. sunset:
some of you might be familiar with this pictures as I'm using a sunset shot from earlier this month that I applied to the One Word Project challenge.
No need to waste a good sunset, right!?!

2. black & white: (and gray)
The Girl and her friends were making stuffed dolls this week - (big heads, tiny bodies); unfortunately they didn't get them finished. While there was a little 'whisker' interference, I don't think he was the main distraction based on the giggles and one participant's (ahem, The Girl) limited sewing skills.

3. A day in My Life:
I start each morning shutting off the outside post and porch lights as I make my way to the coffee maker. I can pretty much do this with eyes closed and there are a couple of cats with sore tails that will vouch for my tries to do just that.

4. Four (4 photos that go together):
the tree off the front porch often serves as the content of my pictures through the winter months.

5. Colorful:
pins and sand.
both, when spilled, can be a colorful mess.


  1. That shot of the thread and whiskers is fantastic. It's absolutely frame worthy. Not only that - but it is of two things I love. Great capture.

  2. What a delightful collection. The layers of colourful sand took my fancy. What happens if you shake the bottle ? :-)

  3. your photos are great!!! love the color and four photos!

    Light Trigger

  4. Love your photos, particularly the cat nose with the thread.

  5. I especially like the one with the cat nose! Very nice!

  6. Great series. My pick is also the BW of the Thread and Kitty nose. - So fun. Too bad they didn't finish those dolls.
    Lovely Sunset
    Pretty shots of the tree for your 4 series.
    Both your Colorful shots were indeed colorful.
    Nice Day in your life shot.

  7. Love your four and colorful, so creative.

  8. Love your scavenger hunt shots. What a fun idea. I especially love the whisker shot next to the thread! So great.

  9. Lovely photos! My favorite is the B&W! Very creative and so fun!

  10. How fun o see those whiskers in your b/w shot!

  11. I love your Four collage! And your second Colorful shot, very cool!

    Thanks for commenting on my own photos. :)

  12. Love your b&w shot with the addition of the cats nose, very sweet!