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Friday, March 2, 2012

if you've made it this far ...

I have felt horrible this week. HORRIBLE!
The Girl has been sick/recovered/sick/slightly better/sick.
The Boy has been in a funk/moody/ blah!
The Husband decided enough was enough
prompting Spring Break plans (shipping the rest of us off)
& travel has been booked.

the bottle is 1/2 full and no longer 1/2 empty.

yep, things are looking up!


  1. Oh, I hope you're feeling much better now! And come on! Spill the beans! Where are you going? I hope it's warm and wonderful, and soon!

    1. Once I pieced together my symptoms and got the right medicine, I am vastly improved - Thank you! As for the trip - nothing exotic - Myrtle Beach, SC - it will be warmer and there is the beach - plus we're flying our daughter along with her friend from college down which seemed more appealing than me flying up North towards snow.

  2. Oh yeah - Myrtle Beach sounds heavenly right now!! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. So sorry for the crud... but spring break travel... now that's a big 10-4!