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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

old mother hen . . .

sometimes it stinks being the mom
- having to tell your ailing child to 'suck it up' and 'work through the aches and pains'.
It would be so much easier for all parties involved if being a mom could be restricted to hugs, kisses, and making happy.
Solicitation of parental advice could be directed to a heartless, cold, impersonal voice recording at the end of 1-800-serious-advice.

It is so tempting to only dispense comfort,
but being a mom, it almost always comes coupled with advice.


  1. Moms are a two sided coin, aren't we? One side soft, comforting, encouraging and the other side discipline, guidelines, structure....
    but I guess we need both to be balanced even though it's not always easy....Our kids need both for sure.....

  2. I love the hen.
    seriously, it is lame having to be the one to tell them to suck it up sometimes.
    I can't wait to hear how your daughter's friend likes the corn bread. mmm :)

  3. I like the hen shot. Sorry things are hard in the mom department right now.

  4. Great chicken pic! Yeah, sometimes being a mom stinks!

  5. Reading this - I so miss my mom :( - Would love to hear her advice on so many things!!

  6. Nice shot. Sometimes it is hard handing out the hard advice or discipline to our children

  7. Doesn't look like this chicken is going to turn into chicken soup! Great shot, and I hope healing happens fast in your household. I love the idea of the toll free number, though!

  8. Being a mom is certainly not an easy job, in spite of what the childless think. :)

    Love your chicken!