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Saturday, March 17, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday . . .

Another fun week of scavenger hunt prompts.
I'm sorta posting on the run and won't get the opportunity to visit other shs blog posts until later because
we're going to the beach. Yeah!
well, the kids and I are going to the beach. yeah!
The husband is staying home to keep the animals and house under control.
and enjoy the peace and quiet until he misses us - which should last about 1 hour.
but mostly to keep Ike from inviting all the neighborhood kitties in and crashing the house.

~ photographer's choice ~
I like yellow, especially forsythias blooming.
It feels like Summer - though the forsythias are reminding us that it is but Spring.

~ vintage ~
A rather old clock located in the very old hotel we visited last weekend.

~ word / quote ~
I'm really enjoying photographing flowers in this old bottle that had been sitting in the back of my kitchen cabinet for years.

~ nature's own ~
pretty sad when even in the throws of weeding, I am compelled to stop, run in the house and get the camera - all so I can take a picture of a frog. He didn't want anything to do with pictures, so I had to pick him up to get a quick shot.
and I have no idea if it is a he or she!

~ people ~
one of my favorite people to photograph; my son's best buddy since 3rd grade.
it's hard to picture her as the little girl that used race him to see if she could run faster than he could bike.

* * *
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  1. Beautiful set! Love the flowers, they're gorgeous. I'm so glad Spring is here!!

  2. Love the vintage clock and what an amazing capture of the frog what timing you must have had to capture that.

  3. Love your nature shots! I just had my lens pointed at Forsythia this past week. Also...loving that frog or is he a toad?

  4. i really have been loving the whole putting flowers in a can or jar like yours. it's so simple and beautiful! <3

  5. I think my fave is the flower in the old vase! I also love that frog shot - wow!! Have a great time at the beach Nicki!

  6. LOVE that vintage beautiful!

  7. Wonderful shots for this weeks Scavenger Hunt. Love the frog!! Glad you went in for your camera.

  8. All great shots BUT I absolutely ♥ the clock shot!!!
    Well done!

  9. I was enjoying all your pics and then I came to the frog picture. That is an amazing shot! I would have dropped everything to run for the camera too.

  10. What a beautiful set this week. Your forsythia shot is beautiful, love the quote and that frog is so colorful!!

  11. Wonderful photos - I really like the clock, the sharp eye on the frog and what a sweet portrait!

  12. What fantastic photos...I really love the toad. His/her colors are really great! Also love the quote shot and people!!! Such a beautiful gal!

  13. Nice sharp frog shot and I like the daffodil too!

  14. i think the white flower is my fave. so pretty.