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Sunday, April 1, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday - - -

I had to pull from last week and borrow from my son for this week's scavenger hunt.
the cliché of 'life gets in the way' happened in spades this week.
a little of this, and little too much of that.
at any rate - here we go:

** cloud **

(not a cloud in the sky!)

** sun flare **

** seven **

** high angle / low angle **

(my son took a lot of low angle shots while at the beach.)

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  1. oooh very relaxing photo! compliments!
    The Nature Jotter opens its doors to all photography's lovers!
    Send your naturalistic photos to or post it on the facebook page! All the photos will be published on the blog with links and names of participants! Enjoy! :))

  2. Your set makes me homesick for the ocean! LOVE sunflare, SEVEN and high angle! I think SEVEN is my favorite!

  3. what a great set....i'm a "beach" jersey girl so i really LOVE these shots. 7 was really my favorite, i am a shell collector!!

  4. I love the brilliance of your cloud shot. Clever - combining low and and high angle. Why didn't I think of that? Those seashells are making me miss the beach... (Good luck finishing your puzzle :)

  5. Oh I really like your beach shot, with the gull and pier in the soft background. Gorgeous.

  6. I see talent runs in your family, Nicki. Your son did a fabulous job with his pier and cloud shots. And your seashell shot makes me want to take a trip to the beach asap!!!

    Have a wonderful week. :)

  7. So beautiful... I'd be framing that "not a cloud in the sky" shot!!!!

  8. Love love love sun flare, and your high/low angle shot too!

  9. Nice sun flare! And the low angle shot was pretty cool.

  10. I just read your comment on my blog about how it's only fair that our photo requests be indulged for all we put up with. I laughed right out loud. Thanks for making my day!!

  11. Love your next to last shot - beautiful composition.

  12. Puzzles! I love puzzles! Did you finish it? I've borrowed pictures from my son many times. It's nice to share resources! I like that bright blue sky in the first photo. Beautiful!

  13. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE your son's photo! Low angle is really a great way to go! Kudos to your son! Obviously, I'm not particularly coordinated enough to pull many of them off!

  14. Wow, love your photos they are beautiful. Your son did a great job also.

  15. Nothing better than beach photos!!! Your son seems to follow in your footsteps - great job!