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Saturday, April 28, 2012

useless bits of information . . .

tomorrow is the 1st year wedding anniversary of Princess Kate and Prince William.   Mazel Tov!

I know I shared the page turner story of when I visited London as a teenager and how we girls swooned over the prospect of seeing Prince Charles. Don't judge - he was a lot younger, and British, and we were kids. But what I didn't tell you about that trip was the bells. Every stop had to have a keepsake purchase and apparently these little trinkets were priced just right because a lot of us bought them. Imagine if you will, a bus load of teenagers with British Bobby Helmet bells. oy vey!

if you liked that, here's a little more useless information about me:

 a little known fact about me is that: I secretly wished my horse could talk like Mr. Ed,   My husband is watching Mr. Ed, and I recalled to him how much I wished my horse, Lady, could do that.   I mean, if she could figure out coming over to the sliding-board in the back yard so I could climb up on her back, how could she not figure out how to talk.   right?

 something I can't live without: generally I consider food categories in response to this proposition - but honestly, I suspect I have enough stored up to go without for awhile. I would really hate the idea of doing without my family. For better or worse and all that stuff - my husband. And near or far, my children - they drive me crazy and I wouldn't trade a minute of it (well, maybe a few).

 my least favorite job: weeding. bet you thought it was going to be cleaning the bathroom.  Okay, on a sunny day - it's weeding. on a rainy day - it's cleaning the bathroom.  Happy now?

about my family --- I have a confession:  I had an ancestor named James Bond.  I believe he held up in a cave to avoid the revenuers.  Nothing like the James Bond my husband idolizes.    And while we're on the subject - yes, we had distant cousins that had oddly shaped eyes due to some sort of hormone deficiency.  Shortly after getting married, my husband came across an old picture of the kids and I saw my childbearing opportunities flash before my eyes.  They were very distant cousins and from long long ago.  God Bless Them!
and: a lady I used to work with and conspired for many office related pranks, enlightened me that you can say what you will about someone (provided it is true), but only so long as you follow it with "God Bless him/her".

well, there you have it.  you can now carry on with your weekend as planned.


  1. Neat macro shot of the helment Nicki!

  2. i love that bell, it's so cool.
    I had no idea it's been one year already.
    I love reading random stuff about people.
    I'm dying to know what oddly shaped eyes really means (what it looks like) and what kind of hormone deficiency it was.
    I know in the south I heard quite often :____disparaging comment here___, bless their heart.

  3. So you had a horse - lucky girl! Thanks for sharing some of your life. Great shot of the helmet, I always enjoy your pic's. Thanks.

  4. I love the bell and the memories of the bus ride with a bunch of teens with bells makes it even better. Hard to believe that wedding was a year ago.