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Saturday, May 26, 2012

again . . .

I tried this post a time or two before but Blogger was determined it wasn't going to happen. 
So I scrapped it and figured I'd try again later. 

What I wanted to say was that I finally got to complete this young lady's Senior pictures. 
Rescheduled 5 times (at least). 

and not a day too soon as she graduated this morning. 

Many congratulations to this year's 2012 CMHS graduates. 
 May your future be as bright and entertaining as your graduation ceremony. 

 Now for a bit of a shocker - I went with camera and didn't pull it out once. 
 That has never happened - ever.


  1. Hi Nicki,
    I too am sad that the ranunculus flowers are over for this year - I could not get enough of them this year! Your senior photos turned out really nice - I"m sure she's very happy with them. Thanks for visiting!

    Sharon :-)

  2. Wonderful portraits. That was cutting it close :)