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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer is on the horizon . . .

and we are counting down the days. 

For the first time in their school careers, both kids will be out of school before the end of May
(rather than closer to the middle of June).
From the point our daughter started kindergarten, our calendar has been dictated by the school.  
It is as if the start of a new year isn't January, but August; and the end is not December 31st, but instead, the last day of school. 

Increasing temperatures and flowers aside, 
it isn't "summer" until that final bell rings. 


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the school year. Love the daisy's, there's a large area of the hillside in front of our house that I keep skipping over when we cut weeds because its currently covered in them.

    1. Daisies** I hate when I catch a mistake after I hit publish :)

  2. Oh love that first daisy shot.... love the sharpness and the backlighting! Too early here for daisies, can't wait for them to show up.

  3. gorgeous shots, i love the detail of the center of the flower (i have no idea what that part is called). I also like the texture on the second shot.

  4. Fantastic shots! Nice that the kids get out early. Our son graduates in about a week and a half. Where does the time go???

  5. Love your blog, you have a way with words ( and photography) that keeps me coming back for more. Love the daisies in the jar, beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous photos, Nicki!

    Ryn: I can imagine how excited you must be about having your daughter home again. I'm excited for you...I hope it's a wonderful summer!!!