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Monday, July 23, 2012

dog days ...

not only are we well into the dog days of summer, but locally we are also into the start of Civil War Days. There are several reenactment events that take place between now and early Fall and one just happens to be in our town park; which is not actually in town, but on the outskirts on route to my house.  (in the dictionary I believe this falls under "convenient")

as I went about my business of taking pictures, sweating like there was no tomorrow, I quickly appreciated that I was the fortunate one. I was not draped in wool or layers of petticoats, I was in "breathable cotton" and shorts. (breathable my butt!)  And still, they were the ones smiling and having a good ole' time.

this particular gathering is small by comparison to the event in Guyandotte where they take to the streets in battle and there are considerably more encampments set up all around the town.

still . . .

there were horses to be gathered 
. . .

and stores to be ran 
. . .

equipment to be collected
. . .

and battle plans to be made.


  1. Great photos! I always say I was born in the wrong time period, I should have been born in the 1800's but then I think about the heat! I would have been run out of town on a rail when I started stipping down to my "shimmies"!!!!

    We got a "little" respite from the heat this weekend but back up in the 90's this week.



  2. "stripping" my stipping! LOL

  3. Great shots. I probably would have been running right along side Linda. LOL
    Nicki, I can't believe I just realized you share names with my daughters best friend in South Dakota. She has been sharing some of her photos with me to use on my Sioux Falls photo blog. Have a great week.

  4. Sounds like a good time for most, although the heat . . . well, that speaks for itself. Love the photos!

  5. Wow, that first shot and its processing are AMAZING!! Just perfect. I can't imagine walking around (or even sitting around for that matter) in layers of wool in that heat. I love all the photos, they just bring you right back to that time period. What a great tradition to carry on!

  6. Oh my---lucky, lucky, lucky you!!! I would be out there with my camera, sweating and loving every minute of it. Wonderful vignette shots that tell such a story, and I LOVE the pp on that first shot. Perfect.

  7. Loving all the treatments you used on these photos.