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Saturday, July 28, 2012

strawberry fields forever ...

did you watch the Olympics' Opening Ceremony yesterday?   I found it interesting and entertaining. Except for the blab blab blab by the NBC commentators.

....."the volunteers are wearing a coarse cotton of 100 thread blend, representing the struggling pre-industrial age laborers. these volunteers are not being paid to do this. blab blab blab" .....

 Show of hands, how many of you found yourself yelling "shut up!" at the TV last evening. There was a band, Screaming Monkeys.....Swinging Monkeys......Something Monkeys. Playing a Beatles song. and the NBC commentators pretty much talked the entire way through their song.  Was that absolutely necessary?

The Olympics is a sporting event - bring in the golf commentators; they know when to shut-up.  If you listened, the arena announcer explained all of the events in perfect English.   No need for translation or all the  the 'who gives a crap' blab blab blab.

and then there was the USA uniforms.

Ralph Lauren, what were you thinking?
French berets. that's what you were thinking. FRENCH. ( cause that always goes over well here in the US of A.)
Bob, Meredith or Matt - a/k/a chatty cathys, said that Lauren announced that he wouldn't make the mistake of having the uniforms made in China the next time. I love the look of Ralph Lauren, but I vote we try someone else next time - someone who appreciates the importance of every detail of the uniform as it represents the country wearing it.   We are AMERICANS - neither French, nor Chinese.

last gripe...

 Mary-freakn'-Poppins taking down Voldemort. You have J K Rowling.  You have Voldemort.  But NO Harry Potter? Honestly???

I loved the Queen's and James Bond's entrance (mostly James Bond...wink*wink), and am glad they included that 'British Humor' with Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson), and that Sir Paul McCartney showed a bit of an emotional reaction to the privilege and pride of performing at a landmark event with his voice cracking at the beginning of his song.  Oh, and the united torch.  All, very cool!

So, mostly I enjoyed the show and look forward to watching many of the events. Hopefully NBC will bring in the sports team from here on out. Sorry Meredith and Matt! (and Ryan). I know Bob Costas will continue to be there because he is always there at the Olympics - but hopefully not for the play-by-plays.


  1. I hate it when they talk during performances. I remember during the Winter Games in Vancuver, they talked throughout Alanis Morissette's performance but stayed relatively quiet throughout the other performances. It made me so angry since I'm an Alanis fan and she sang one of my favorite songs. :(

    Anyway. I enjoyed the ceremony; I especially loved that J.K. Rowling was there and all the awesome British music. :)

  2. I agree 100%. I was tempted to turn off the sound.

  3. I watched a teenie bit of the opening ceremony, but must admit we ended up watching 20/20 for the most part.

  4. oh my...truth be told...I didn't much care for the opening ceremonies...however I DID love "Mr Bean" We ended up watching a movie...I'll be watching swimming.

  5. I have to agree with much of what you have said here. Especially the part about James Bond (wink*wink) and about Harry Potter. I probably won't watch much of the rest of it if any. Not a big fan. Although I do enjoy the curling in the Winter Olympics.

  6. Waaaaay too much talking. I agree with Kelly above...I think they talked too much because the opening ceremonies were a bit off this year...loved the Chariots of Fire piece! Your flower shots on previous posts are beautiful, even without the names!