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Friday, August 17, 2012

flowers all over the place ...

My son asked why I had an 'infinite flowers' video/player at the bottom of the blog. 
Well, probably because 8 out of 10 photos taken are of flowers. 
 A few more cooperative kids and perhaps that wouldn't be the case. 
So there!


  1. Amen to the kid almost 18 will not let me photograph her anymore ;(...and so flowers it is :) Beautiful shots here.

  2. Ha ha ha....why is it that kids aren't more cooperative with us?!?!?!

    Pretty flowers though.

  3. These are beautiful, Nicki -- I especially like the top one, the cone flower. So pretty and such a great pic!

  4. Ha! That's why I have so many flower pictures too! Beautiful shots!

  5. these are gorgeous!! my cone flowers looked like crap this year and they never attracted any butterflies!!

  6. These are great. Cone flowers don't bloom in our neck of the woods so I was thrilled on our trip to Canada I actually got to photograph them!!! love these