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Saturday, August 25, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

this week's words are:
rule of thirds,
side profile
and small. 

love the motion of golf 
(a dose of the pros makes this game so much more interesting)

~ borrowed from my son that he took during yearbook camp ~

~ another from yearbook camp at Kenyon College ~

Is he trying to tell us something?

beans, beans, beans!

Had to borrow a couple from my son and pull from pictures taken earlier this summer cause right now it is packing and more packing, and hauling the oldest back to school, 14 hours and loads of minutes away.

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  1. These are all awesome! Well done!

  2. Oh how fun that you watched "the pros" in action. Great line-up this week!!

  3. Love your series - great takes on all the prompts.

  4. Haha, thanks for the morning laugh re: the Tiger photo. Too, too funny!

  5. Very creative interpretation of your prompts.

  6. The Tiger photo is great and hilarious and at the same time.

  7. Great gold photos! Good luck with the packing and the move.

  8. I like your rule of thirds. Very creative. Great shots all around!

  9. Terrific shots! Your son is a very good photographer. I wanted to tell you that we had a cat that we adopted from a teacher at Burgess School. So his full name was Burgess Elementary School Hale. He was a Maine Coon-ish cat and as important and distinguished as his name was long but I don't think the vet's secretaries liked having to type that name out each time.

  10. Love the shots, I love the motion. It's been a long time since we've played golf. Those beans look interesting what kind of beans are those?

  11. Really good set. Wow watching Tiger golf, my mom would be thrilled to see him in person.
    My favorite from your set (don't think I'm weird) is the Bean shot. Also like the little tape processing feature. Where did you find that?

    1. Ida, I'll check where I got the tape feature - possibly Rita's Coffee Shop.

  12. I *love* the rule of thirds...your son does such a good job! I like the bokeh in the beans, too. :) Hope you have a safe trip...and good luck to your daughter at college.

  13. Cartridge
    I love sports related any post .... Golf is one of my Favorite Game....

  14. love love rule of thirds... clever shot! ;)

  15. These are FABULOUS Nicki. Love the beans...