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Sunday, August 5, 2012

the flipside ...

there was a scavenger hunt for this week: 
going back in time,
something just for me,
best part of my day,
 night and day,
 looking up. 
 Quicker than I could write them down I knew that I would not be participating. I could claim I was too busy, perhaps needing to get to that list of 'to dos' I made at the beginning of summer. Or perhaps because the prompts did not strike a cord. The dog ate my homework? The simple fact is - I just didn't. We are in the throws of going back to school. The 13th for my now Junior in high school. The 25th for my now Sophomore in college. I'm thinking that over the next couple of weeks, scavenger hunt posts might be hit or miss as I take in ever last moment of this summer break. 
I'm sure I'll continue my regular posts, but will see my fellow scavenger hunters on the flip side.


  1. Oh wow! Love the detail in this photo. The contrast against the dark backdrop - awesome!

  2. Great shot Nicki. Love the detail and color. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers.

  3. I remember the back-to-school days well since our just ended last year. Good luck with getting it all together. Love this photo!!