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Friday, September 21, 2012

I can see clearly now ...

well, as soon as I get my new glasses I will.

Yesterday I (finally!!!) had a much overdue eye appointment which came about because my current glasses have gone above and beyond the call of duty. They are scratched. They fall off my head when I bend over.  Quite honestly, they bother my eyes - which really defeats the purpose, wouldn't you say?! I forewarned my husband that new glasses would be on the horizon because I felt I was inching towards needing household products labeled in braille. (nothing worse than getting into the shower and not knowing whether the bottle says 'shampoo' or 'conditioner' - curses!)    What surprised me was that my eyes have actually improved.   Apparently I'm rubbing my eyes because the prescription is too strong, plus some nasty allergies.  But the most interesting thing from my exam is a trick the doctor showed me to use if I find myself without my glasses and needing to read something. It involves making a pinhole by using my index finger on one hand and the tips of two fingers on the other - looking through that tiny pinhole actually makes it more legible. Who knew?!?! 

So, today I'm including some lovely goldenrod
- the very culprit of my allergies, or at least a big contributor.


  1. I too am overdue for a trip to the eye doctor, and also the last time I went, my vision had improved. What's up with that?? Thanks for the tip on the finger vision for seeing close-up is getting worse, while my distance is improving (huh??)

  2. Last time I got new glasses, the eye doctor told me that my eyes had improved, also, and that my new prescription didn't need to be as strong as the previous one. Weird....Good luck with your new specs. :) Love the goldenrod picture. So pretty. Sorry it causes you allergies, though. Not fun!

  3. Ummmm, the not being able to tell the difference between the shampoo and conditioner in the shower without a huge squint is very familiar to me - might have happened just this morning. But I think that is because I have to leave my glasses out of the shower most days - and when I forget to do that, I can tell the two product apart, but other problems develop once the steam and water get to the glasses.

    Sorry the golden rod causes such allergy misery, but it sure is fun to photograph! Great shot!

  4. New glasses are such a hassle--trying to find the right frame is as bad as picking out the right purse. I may have to try that pinhole trick....might be better than putting something on the floor to read it! Love the goldenrod. It looks so lovely and innocent.

  5. I am wearing a pair of glasses that are about 5 years old and scratched beyond belief. Fortuntatly my contacts are up to date but I'm just too lazy to get my glasses updated. Love your picture by the way.

  6. I appreciate the pinhole trick -- but I look weird enough as it is without adding this to my repertoire. Lol!

    1. awe, come on Nancy, ya know ya want to! lol!

  7. Nicki, I love your new glasses!! The goldenrods are gorgeous :)