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Thursday, October 4, 2012

daydream ...

Daydreaming sets us free, 
free to do anything, 
be anything within the realm of imagination. 

A release from reality, 
a world in which there is complete control. 

Where decisions are never wrong, 
a place without violence, 
where contentment massages the soul. 

A world through which frustration and anger are expelled causing a release, 
a calming effect, maybe a new beginning. 

Daydreaming sets us free to return to reality.

 ~ Mac Mcgovern.


  1. That brings up memories of being a kid and swinging.. Great job Nicki! I love when an images does it's job and evokes a memory:)

  2. Maybe I should be trying some day dreaming !

  3. Love all the vertical lines! Nice job.

  4. Oh I just loved this post...the image is perfect with the poetry and the poetry is perfect with the image.

  5. Good story telling picture..... I see a happy young child on a carefree summer day, having fun just being a kid.

  6. Love the geometry of this shot! So interesting.