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Sunday, October 7, 2012

scavenger hunt quarterly top five ...

This was supposed to be done and submitted by October 3rd.  Obviously that didn't happen.  This week's scavenger hunt words also didn't happen.  Not because I am just so busy, but because I've been scattered brained; and perhaps a little busy - but mostly scattered brained.  

The Quarterly Top Five are to be selected from pictures taken during July through September and are to include (only) children and/or pets.  So without further ramblings, here are mine!


My actual children were not especially photo cooperative during the month of July - so Ike it is. 


This was posted in connection with my son's birthday in August.   I was supposed to take pictures of my daughter before she returned to college, but that never materialized (she's slippery like that!). 


My September kid pictures were pretty much all tied to Homecoming.
I stood shell shocked as all these kids I had worked with in elementary school passed by dressed to the nines for their Junior/Senior Homecoming; thinking to myself "wasn't it last year they were in grade school running on the playground, girls finding boys to be completely disgusting, and boys only concerned about who was going to play kick-ball.  At least it seems like it was just last year.

* * *

Confession - I'm not sure whether or not these were to be restricted to pictures previously posted in scavenger hunts - so I took the liberty of picking from pictures generally posted (blog, Facebook) during these months so I could actually meet the kid/pet requirement.


  1. Yes, I have been the same way about SHS...haven't participated in 2 weeks, just couldn't get it together. Love the pic of your cat, the spots in his left eye are fascinating. And I do remember that handsome young man (your son) on his brithday. Kids grow way too fast, it's that simple.

  2. Beautiful! You have gorgeous children I have to say...but, I am completely taken with that first shot of Ike. The colors, clarity and look on the face is just so regal. Great job.

  3. I love all of these, Nicki. Ike is adorable and the facial expressions in the first September shot are pricelss. Glad you linked up anyways, Scavenger Hunt finds or not.

  4. I know how you feel about kids growing up...when I pass the wedding photos of my two boys in the hall I still find it hard to believe they are grown married men...your photos are wonderful.

  5. Beautiful, Nicki! Love all of them!

  6. So beautiful!! I tried to pick a favorite, it could not be done!!!

  7. Great shots! I love how you combined two memes in one.

  8. These are great. I really like the homecoming photos.

    What is this scavenger hunt you refer to?

    1. Norine - check the link at the top of my post, it will take you over to Ashley Sisk's blog where she has a weekly Scavenger Hunt posted on Sundays - you get 5 words to inspire you.

  9. oh these are fabulous...that one with your son and the brick wall is really really good.It's very moody, love the wall color, his pose his's really cool

  10. These are wonderful shots. I like the shot of the Kitty - Such an intense look. I also loved the shot of the Young Couple together, ah young love.
    Hope to see you back at SHS soon.

  11. Beautiful shot of your cat! I love that Sep shot... they look like celebs. :)

    Great set, Nicki!

  12. Doesn't matter how or when -- these are awesome!

  13. awww. that july one... makes me kind of sad that i can't have any in-home pets b/c of allergies.

    that september one is so sweet. a charm.

    thank you for stopping by. i know, trolls are just hilarious & cute.