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Thursday, November 15, 2012

bridge over trouble waters ...

When I was learning to drive I crossed this bridge repeatedly, learning to shift gears, and how to not panic when I encountered another vehicle in its narrow passage.  Years later it would be a casualty in a horrific flood that consumed my hometown and neighboring regions; and in it's place they would erect a cement one. Much more stable (presumably), but with less character and memories --- at least in my eyes.


  1. I'm a sucker for an old bridge with character!!! Love this

  2. Love bridge photography - and the story of this one as it relates to you! Super cool.

  3. Oh man--I would have sweaty palms driving over that bridge---something about the open floor, allowing you to see through to the river. We had an old wooden bridge like that I had to drive over, and it was a one-car only bridge. Even as a cocky teenager it made me nervous.

    1. went across several swinging bridges in my day - but I'm pretty sure the flooring was either lost in the flood or subsequently removed to keep people from crossing this bridge - I would have never gotten my license had I been faced with crossing an exposed bottom bridge.

  4. Nicki there was a bridge almost identical to that one in my learning to drive days :) In fact if I couldn't see the water and the lay of the land at the waters edge you could easily convince me this was my bridge. The bad thing about it was it was in a straight stretch and people liked to pass you on it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This bridge probably made you a better driver because you had to be so aware of your surroundings. Sorry to hear this is no longer around...and yes, it definitely does have more character than a cement one.

  6. I loved these old steel truss bridges...