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Monday, November 26, 2012

normal - Barn Charm Monday...

As my tree sits half in the bag, half up and lighted, I ponder the concept of normal.  I could use less lights on the branches to spread out the expensive critters - but it isn't how I normally roll.  There is that word: normal - like that applies to anything at this point in the year.  Is there really any true normalcy once you spill out the Christmas decorations and embark on collecting gifts for every Tom, Dick & Harry - people you do not normally buy gifts for any other time of the year?   

 At least part of the 'normal' routine is Barn Charm Monday 
- more or less (just recently started participating). 
So here is Fanny BoBo Kessel Barn. 
When your name is Fanny - do you even need the nickname BoBo?


  1. As I like to say, normal is only a setting on a washing machine. Nice old barn, wonder how it feels being given such a odd monicker. :D
    Have a great week!

  2. Maybe Bobo was her maiden name?? If so, I am sure she was grateful to get married and change to something a little more run of the mill. And "normal" is highly over-rated.

  3. Normal is not a word we get to use around our house, holiday season or not! My tree is up, it is the ornaments that are some on the tree, some spread on the coffee table and some still in the box making a joyful mess all over the living room. Looks a mess, but is so much joy for me and the boy when we get a chance to spend time in there. Hopefully finish it out this evening - started on Friday evening!

  4. Normal, no time for normal this time of year.

    Your old barn looks full and overflowing.

  5. Ohhhhh I just never ever get tired of Barn charm!