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Friday, November 9, 2012

(philosophical) Friday fences ...

I remember coming across various and assorted fences 
as I played in the woods with my brother and sister as young children. 

some were the bane of our existence. 
they made moving on to new territory a bit more challenging. 
but we were kids. 
 we persevered. 
we never once saw them as a stopping point.

snagged shirts or shorts, or both, we traveled onward to newer and different adventures. 
 fields that contained sheep, cows, wild hogs, and buffalo. 
 the only limit to our day of play was where the sun sit in the sky. 

 we never knew how privileged our childhood was. 
to find endless fun,
countless adventures,
 and untold freedom from fear, worry, and uncertainty. 

Sometimes I regret that I've been so open and honest with my children;
the whys or whats that have to be taken into consideration
when determining if something can or can not be done.
I've attempted to counter balanced it with reminding them to enjoy the innocence
(and boredom) of childhood
for they will too soon have days where the barbwire fence 
presents itself as a hindrance rather than a mere challenge.
Hopefully somewhere in there they will establish that
regardless of age - a fence is just another fence
and if they seek what lies beyond it, 
with patience and determination
it too can be achieved.

you only need to cross 1 barbwire fence to learn that
slow, cautious, and deliberate moves
will get you to the other side with minimal cuts and snags.
  I need to remind myself of this.


{by the way ... it is Friday, we are having dinner out and there will be James Bond - things are definitely looking up}


  1. Oh Nick That was so beautiful! I loved reading that it brought back many memories of when I did the very same thing and sometimes like you I have regrets.. I wish my kids could have grown up in my era and did the fun things I did . It just seems like life is so different and the whole feelings are different. I was putting up the Christmas stuff(45 days until Christmas) and I was reminded of all of my Christmas's as a child. I didn't know my parents were kinda poor when my dad was laid off from GM for 3 years and I didn't know that Christmas was coming from someone that left presents on the porch until way into my 30's did my mom tell me this... I have had the most Hellish 6 years with my husband sick( i don't mean that bad I just think it is what I would compare it too) I have learned so much and I want to be sweet and smile and shield my kids.. Ok, I will stop, but remmeber pictures are supposed to evoke a feeling and yours always do for me.. Thanks!!! Jen

    1. Bless you Jen - sometimes it just has to be said (to someone) even if that someone is an internet acquaintance. you fuel my motivation to continually post pictures and sometimes parts of myself on the internet. Thank you!

  2. My kids look at me in amazement whenever I tell them I am GLAD that I didn't have cell phones, computers, multiple tvs, ipods, immediate access to anything I wanted, etc. growing up. It truly lead to a more carefree and innocent existance in our younger years, and developed the ability to find beauty AND entertainment in the simpler things of life.

  3. It seems like a shame that our kids grew up in such a scary world. I think the world was always scary but we just didn't have it crammed down our throats all the time. The media has made things so in our faces all the time. Good things and bad things about it but it does make it seem like the innocence we had as youths is gone. Well, the world is always changing. But I bet that people will be using barbed wire for fences long after we are gone. And some will be challenged by it and some will never challenge it. Wonderful country photos, BTW!!

  4. This brought back fond memories of the freedom and the wandering I did as a child with no worries. I don't see that same imagination in children today that are so captivated by the digital world that I had as a child. Beautiful post, Nicki and beautiful images!!

  5. I am a tortoise; slow and steady is always the best course. Really like the shot of the barbed wire detail; very nice DOF in that.

  6. Such fantastic commentary to go with your beautiful photos! Thank you so much, Nicki!

  7. Words of wisdom, words of wisdom! And nice photos to boot!

  8. The photos are wonderful and your commentary takes me back to my own childhood. My Grandchildren don't have the same freedom to roam that I did. Times have changed.

  9. Sadly, children do not have the freedom their elders had. I wonder how that will change society as they become adults/

  10. So lucky to have had such a fun childhood in fields!! Beautiful words and photos! PS Hope you enjoyed James Bond!