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Saturday, November 3, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

I'm feeling a little ambitious this week and posting a couple of pictures for each of the word prompts. What can I say, when you've got it, you've got it!
(and by 'it', I mean loads of pictures from one outing.)

 This week's words include: adventure, wild, welcome, vibrant, and classic.
 So here we go:

 *** adventure *** 

when my sister and I get together it is always an adventure, and over the years, these adventures have brought us closer despite living on opposite coasts.

and a shot from the road that goes by my paternal grandparents' home.
lots of adventures to be had down this road.

*** wild *** 

and then there was this . . .


*** welcome *** 

This is the original location of the Church I grew up in. They would hold "Homecoming" at this old site where there would be tables and tables of food. Ridiculous amounts of food.  The pews would be filled and the singing loud. I am proud of how well they have maintained this older building in view of so many historic locations falling to ill repair.

 *** vibrant *** 

this time of year, this is what it is all about;
 and this year has been magnificent with color.

*** classic *** 

lots of old classics on the farm

so there you have it.
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  1. These are just amazing! Wow! Wild and adventure are just so amazing.

  2. All of these are so wonderful = but I especially love the "Wild" door.
    Great, great series this week Nicki!

  3. Gorgeous! I especially love "classic" What fun finds. :)

  4. Great shots, Nicki - love Classic!

  5. I love that you are enjoying time with your sister...was so glad to see that they have maintained that beautiful old country church. And you are so right, USA tears down too many beautiful sites. Wonderful group !!

  6. A lovely set of doubles. My faves are the your wilds and classics. Thanks for stopping by, Nikki.

  7. Well I meant to pick a favorite but loved 3 of them. First I thought your "wild" shot was it, then I came to the first picture of your church, love the colors and the way the foilage frames the church, and I also loved the sharpness and detail/texture in your second leaf shot....... so I guess I'll just have to have 3 favs from yours today :)

  8. Lovely photos! I guess I am a romantic because I just adore that church. So charming! I'm glad they are preserving it. I am very close to my sister as well, so I can appreciate your relationship with your sister. Isn't it wonderful? I am so impressed how you can do the Scavenger Hunt week after week. Every time I look at the topics I draw a blank. Have a great weekend, Nicki!

  9. What a wonderful set. I LOVE them all. I'm especially drawn to the first adventure photo. Great, great job. Can't wait to see next week's!

  10. Oh goodness you did out do yourself this week. Fantastic set.
    My favorites from each of the prompts:
    Adventure - I like the b/w shot but loved the winding road shot.
    Wild - No doubt about this one, that house (did you notice it looks like there is a ghost figure on the door?)
    Welcome - Both a quiet lovely. I love quaint old church buildings like this one.
    Vibrant - 2nd shot of the red colored leaf.
    Classic - Oh both are great but I think I'm going the old truck.

  11. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a lovely comment. I really love your first 'classic' shot, and the photo at the top of your blog. Great pictures. At first I thought I'd written my post wrong concerning the electric heat so I checked it, but you must have read wrong. We've got electricity, just no electric heat. All wood heat :)

    1. I did read it wrong - totally makes sense. Thanks for visiting.

  12. What fabulous fabulous photos...just gorgeous. What delicious photo ops!

  13. Fantastic set, Nicki! The Classic shots are great, esp. the one of the car. I love the Adventure shots, too. :) Have a great week.

  14. You did AMAZING. In fact all your pictures were so awesome, I ended up spending some time perusing your whole blog. What fun I had. :) I just love the way your process your photos...and the composition in all of them. Seriously awesome work!

  15. What beautiful photos...just gorgeous! Thanks for your comment on my blog - my husband is also from West Virginia (Clarksburg). It's such a beautiful state! Thanks so much for sharing your set (and your memories) with us. :)

  16. Don't know which photo I love the best - too many wonderful ones to choose!!

  17. The second adventure photo is stunning!

  18. the second adventure pic is my fav!! lovely! and the old rusty truck! ;)

  19. Your photos look amazing. Your classic photos really stand out to me. But they are all amazing.