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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Texture Tuesday ...

don't remember where I got the tape frame, but the sunshine is from Mother Nature on a bright Saturday morning photo shoot that turned into a day long photo shoot (not complaining, just saying!!!) and I've added a little extra texture courtesy of Kim Klassen.


  1. Love that sun flare...That is one thing I am no good at!! And Nicki, I have found if you use an aperature of 5.6 on the 105mm it seems to be the clearest. Just a little fyi.

    1. Deanna - that is good to know. I did figure out that I do better with it from that range to 11 or so --- just took me a while to accept that just because you can go to 2.8 (or what ever it is) doesn't mean you have to.

  2. looks so warm and autumn like! Love it!