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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday ramblings ...

it was a regular round of 'Old McDonald had a Farm' based on pictures from back home
there was a sheep or two scattered here and there

 went to Shepherd College University
Go Shepherd Rams!
not that these are rams - well, the one in the back might be - maybe, right?

I don't remember there being so MANY cows
but I'm thinking they were there, speckling all the fields, blending in, keepin a low profile

FYI - Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts has a cow mascot.  The Purple Cow!
known as the worst choice for mascot ("worst" seems kinda harsh wouldn't you say?)

home of the gold trout
Seriously, Petersburg - Home Of The Gold Trout
- and now in Rainbow and Blue.
 I can not tell ya how much grief I've taken over the years by my husband
over this claim to fame of my alma mater.

for the record -- our school mascot was a Viking and NOT a fish
... ah hum! little town of Poca, Home of the Polka Dot -
whose mascot  is
Polka Dot!

his alma mater - Pirates
(so original!)
now - Knights! (schools consolidated)
and my kids have grown up with 3 mascots - Mustangs, Pirates, and Knights!
rules out decorating their room according to mascot -- which I never planned to do.......

what were we talking about
oh, yea

here a chick ...

there a chick
er, rooster

Moorefield -- Poultry Capitol of WV
Mascot:  Yellow jackets
but they do have little chicken statues as tee markers at the golf course
I can't make this junk up.

dahlia llama

(didn't see that one coming!)
... you know that cow is thinking "there is something different about that one, just can't put my hoof on it!"

Bard College at Simon's Rock has a llama as its mascot.
Nephew was accepted at Bard College (I believe the mother-ship of Bard College at Simon's Rock) and planned to go there until he was accepted at Vassar.  Generally speaking, he just wanted to go to college (believe he applied to 2, was accepted at both - smart kid, just didn't buy into the whole - lets apply to as many colleges as possible), and obviously his choice was not based on mascot - but then, maybe it was!?!  who knows with kids these days!

in any event,
there was no shortage of animals to be found back home.


  1. I like the farm shots Nicki and love the mountains in the background of the 2nd one. Your farm shots so remind me of the one I went to the other day, sheep and cows in the same field but no mountains..... only flat land :)

  2. Oh, these are beautiful! There is a definate art to landscapes and I am so jealous of those that do it well. I love the shot of the chicken! Too cool!

  3. Hee hee all these mascots and team names. There is a small town in Michigan called Bad Axe, and the highschool team used to be the Hatchets. HA!!!

  4. Great & fun all your animal shots and the references to school mascots. I went to Texas Christian University that had horned frogs as their mascots..enough said.

  5. Thank you for the humor. I happen to have a sheep on my blog today, but not as much humor. That is the most colorful chicken I have ever seen! Oh, thank you for this upbeat and cheerful post!

  6. Great post - love the mascot names ;)

  7. Terrific post! My college mascot is the Bearcat. I am hoping to see a pic of one soon on your site.